Chris Watson and Simon Fisher Turner live at The National Gallery

On Friday 30th October, Chris Watson and Simon Fisher Turner will be performing live at The National Gallery, London.

At 6pm, join James Heard (National Gallery Education) for a short talk about the reverses of Memling’s panels of Saint John the Baptist and Saint Lawrence, which formed the shutters for an altarpiece. These beautiful landscape scenes with nine cranes (the emblem of the Florentine patron) would have been enjoyed in contemplative silence when the altarpiece was closed between services. Then from 6.20pm – 6.50pm, Simon Fisher Turner performs his piece created in response to these panels for the new Sounds of the Gallery tour, followed by music inspired by their original church setting.

Between 7pm – 7.30pm, Chris Watson will discuss the sounds of wildlife and weather in The Cornfield and the changes in sound pollution since Constable’s time. He will end with a performance of the piece he has written in response to this painting, also included in the Sounds of the Gallery tour.

Admission for both events is free.

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