From Boomkat’s Digital Newsletter | 17th April 2008

“This is what we’ve been waiting for – the chance to finally present the epic Touch catalogue in digital format. The UK label has long been a favourite of ours and it’s hardly surprising with the sheer volume of quality releases, they almost seem infallible even, with rarely a dud record emerging from their hallowed company. Established in 1981 and adorned with some of the most gorgeous cover-art ever to grace a sleeve, Touch became widely known for its look, fashioned in part by the photography of Jon Wozencroft (who co-runs the label). These simple but devastatingly effective images became synonymous with their respective releases and the label became just as widely appreciated in the art world as in the world of experimental music. It’s the music itself though that has set Touch apart from so many other similar labels, and their roster still speaks for itself; Fennesz, Biosphere, Hafler Trio, Oren Ambarchi, Philip Jeck, Rosy Parlane, Jóhann Jóhannsson, BJ Nilsen, Chris Watson, Mika Vainio, Ryoji Ikeda – it reads like a veritable who’s who of contemporary experimental music. Many of these artists seem to have gravitated towards Touch to create their finest works – Fennesz with the seminal ‘Venice’ or Oren Ambarchi with the genre-bending ‘Grapes From the estate’ whereas others simply found a home they could grow with over many albums; Philip Jeck and Chris Watson for instance, but it is to Touch’s credit that they have managed to build a team of worldwide recording artists this flawless. To conclude, the Touch catalogue is a selection of work we have deep respect for and somehow manage to keep going back to again and again, it’s just that good. Take the time to explore deeper and you won’t be disappointed…”

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