Jon Wozencroft Sound Seminar @ Iklectika 10 | 14th July 2024

Number 10

Ten is a significant number: 10 marks the full stop at the end of one cycle and the pause before the beginning of the next. It represents both the start and the end of things. 

Change is difficult, the human condition generally resists anything that upsets the stability of everyday life. 

Homeostasis, from the Greek words for ‘same’ and ‘steady’.

Ten is also a metaphor and a target for life as a competitive activity, ‘the perfect 10’, the number of achievement. 

By the time we celebrate Iklectika10, there will be a new order in Number 10 Downing Street, a turning point.

This seminar is about 10 things that have been significant these last 10 years, not only in music but the way we have been changed, and how we currently relate to the past, present and future.

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