Pitchfork: Exclusive Track from Forthcoming Fennesz Album

Pitchfork are premiering an exclusive stream of “Saffron Revolution”, from Fennesz’s forthcoming “Black Sea” album, scheduled for release at the end of November [Touch # TO:76, CD and vinyl].

Pitchfork’s Mark Richardson writes: “… this lead track certainly keeps expectations very high. Beginning with some of Fennesz’ trademark neo-industrial gurgles, it folds in bits of guitar and strings rather beautifully, creating a cluster of sound that trembles, seeming to wait for something. And that something moves in gradually in the form of a massive cloud of distortion, a fine white mist of harmonics mixed with a dark undercurrent of rumbling bass. The tension between these elements is so well balanced, each individual element remaining in the mix even as the sound field becomes impossibly dense, that it’s no surprise that it takes a while to get it just right. And as it begins to draw down about five minutes in, you can’t help but wish that another full Fennesz album was following behind it. Soon.”

Preview “Saffron Revolution” on www.pitchforkmedia.com by clicking here.