Robert Crouch – ‘Sublunar’ [Tone 56, 2017] | Digital Release Now Available

Robert Crouch’s ‘Sublunar’ [Tone 56] now up digitally in all good stores.

You can listen and purchase from Bandcamp here

Brainwashed wrote:

“…Crouch works the various layers of sound together, coming together at times lush and rich, and at others thin and harsher in nature. This constant unending flow makes for a complex, captivating piece of sound… Separated from the source material, Sublunar may not have the same conceptual nature of his previous work, but his knack for mixing familiar sounds with unfamiliar ones is still strongly present. Here he manages to create a space that is both comfortable and alien, where the ambiguity simply adds to the quality of the sound. Given this is a live performance; it just makes this record all the more impressive.” [Creaig Dunton]

Bad Press:

“…it’s a quiet intensity. The most striking thing about the album is its ability to go in multiple directions and at the same time maintain an even keel. It surprises without jarring. It is intricate and at the same time expertly polished.”