Touch Live at SPOR Festival, Aarhus, Denmark | 7th May 2010

SPOR is a festival in Aarhus, Denmark, for contemporary music and sound art. Its mission is to present national and international sound art and contemporary music of high quality. The festival should at the same time engage and stimulate debate by dealing with themes and issues that are crucial to our time.

This year’s festival sees performances by BJNilsen (The Invisible City live) and Jana Winderen (Energy Field live), a new work from Jacob Kirkegaard titled Bandera, and a Touch seminar.

The Touch afternoon seminar on 7th May 2010 sees speakers Mike Harding, Jana Winderen and BJNilsen discuss Touch, field recording, sound art and electronic music with moderators Rasmus Steffensen (Geiger) and Thomas Bjørnsten Kristensen (Aarhus University). Harding will give an historical introduction to the label and present the two artists through interviews and music. The seminar is initiated by SPOR and takes place in collaboration with Aarhus University, Geiger and SNYK

The evening of the 7th May features Touch Live – an “Electronic Night” featuring three of Touch’s Nordic artists. BJNilsen will present a special live version of his latest CD The Invisible City. Using recordings of tape recorders, computer, organ, acoustic guitar and field recordings from Japan, Portugal, Sweden… Jana Winderen will present “Energy Field Live”, a quadrophonic concert based on the recent Energy Field album. 
Jacob Kirkegaard is working with a scientific approach to real sounds, capturing unheard sounds from within a variety of environments. At SPOR he will perform a new piece Bandera (flag in Spanish) that consists of audio recordings of flagstaff masts, installed in front of the building ‘U. S. Interests Section’ in Havana, Cuba.