Touch presents… Bana Haffar @ AB Salon, Brussels | Friday May 3rd 2019

Bana Haffar joins us from the USA, making her Belgian debut. Having trained as a professional bass player, she has now embraced electronic music fully, exploring live modular synthesizer performance. She is an enthusiastic proponent of the latest Moog and eurorack technology and has a growing discography of releases (VENT, Make Noise Records) in the last couple of years that highlight a unique melodic direction. Through synthesis, Bana is attempting to dismantle years of institutional ‘conditioning’ in traditional systems of music theory. She is interested in the disintegration and coalescence of sound into new forms and synthesized experiences.

Bana Haffar – live
Conversation between Mike Harding and Bana Haffar

AB Salon  (free tickets)

Bana Haffar is part of the Touch Mentorship programme for 2019. You can find her full European itinerary here.