Marjolein Kuijsten’s A Very East Dish

ingredients for 3 people:

– 1 and a half aubergine (size ± 15 centimetres)
– one big onion, ± 5 gloves of garlic
– about 5 peeled tomatoes (drop in boiled water for a minute) and cut in
small chunks (or use a tin already chopped tomatoes)
– 200 gram of boiled chickpeas
– a good pinch of herbs (bayleaf, provencales or a mix of thyme, oregano etc)
– some chili powder and/or a teaspoon sambal (or any other hot stuff)
– salt and black pepper
– some parsley

Dice the aubergine, rub salt though them and put in a colander for about 30 minutes.

Slice and fry the onion slowly till slightly brown, put aside.

Fry the aubergine for a while, add the onions and chopped garlic. Add the tomatoes, herbs, pepper and hot spice.

Drain the chickpeas and add them. Add some water if it gets too dry. It should be not soupy, but not dry either.

Taste for salt. Let it simmer for a while so the flavours can mix. Just before serving add a good handful chopped parsley

Nice with dark bread and a green salad and a sprig of mint