Soliman Gamil

T33.15 – Soliman Gamil “A Map of Egypt Before the Sands”

CD – 19 tracks

Track list:

1. Dance Of Ka
2. Melody Of Nile
3. Pharoah Funeral Process
4. Sacred Lake
5. The Sinsimia
6. Melody Of Love
7. Dervish Dance
8. Sufi Dialogue
9. Promenade On The Nile
10. Rhythmic Dialogue
11. Valley Of The Kings And Queens
12. Collecting The Harvest
13. Inshad
14. Improvisation Libre
15. Pretense And Destiny
16. Ghost Dance
17. Echoes Of Memphis
18. Supplication
19. Clown Dance

Soliman Gamil was born in Alexandria in December, 1924. he years he studied piano, harmony, counterpoint and orchestration with the Italian professors Minato, Campizi and Hekman amongst others. In 1950 Soliman went to Paris to study composition for one year at the Ecole Normale de Musique. He has composed music for cinema and theatre, winning several national and international prizes, including one from Leipzig for his music to the film, ‘Drums’, and another from the Critics’ Society in London for the score to ‘Eloquent Peasant’. In 1967 he was awarded the Egyptian State Order of Merit, First Class, in Arts and Sciences. He represented Egypt at several international conferences on music. In 1969 he founded the Egyptian Folkloric Music Orchestra, affiliated to the Ministry of Culture. One composition, “Cantatta for Cello”, was chosen as ‘morceau impose’ in the cello composition for diploma studies at the Brussels Conservatoire in June 1982. Soliman Gamil lectured at the Higher Drama Institute, Academy of Arts, Cairo and he was a member of the International Association of Musicologists, Switzerland. He died in 1995.

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TO:14 – Soliman Gamil “Ankh”

Track list:

1. Dance Of Ka
2. Lamentation
3. Pharoah Funeral Process
4. Isis Looks For Osiris
5. Supplication
6. Echoes Of Memphis
7. Dance Of Gaiety
8. Shadows In The Desert
9. Alexandrian Dance
10. Cairo At Dawn
11. Dance Of The Campaign
12. Village And Town
13. Ghost Dance
14. Dervish Dance
15. Clown Dance


TO:7 – Soliman Gamil “The Egyptian Music”

Track list:

1. Melody Of Nile
2. The Sinsimia
3. Melody of Love
4. Inshâd
5. Rhythmic Dialoque
6. Promenade On The Nile
7. Sufi Dialogue
8. Valley Of Kings And Queens
9. Sacred Lake
10. Collecting The Harvest
11. Pretence And Destiny
12. The New Nubia
13. Solo Kanoun

Audio notes:
Recorded in Cairo. Thanks to Suraya Moyine, The Egyptian State Information Service. Cover by P. & S. Charrington. This release was also issued on vinyl [TO:7LP] & MC [TO:7C]