‘Interaction’ exhibition at the Camden Arts Centre, London, featuring Peter Blake, Brian Eno, Russell Mills, Jamie Reid and Touch. Feature on Channel 4’s ‘The Tube’. Screening of Alternation Perception and Resistance by The Hafler Trio on C4’s ‘After Image’. 1986 Also sees the first Touch record by The Hafler Trio – The Sea Org. This is followed by Brain Song (1986), Protection (1987), A Thirsty Fish (1988), before Ignotum per Ignotius becomes the first fully-fledged CD release, in non-jewel case format (1989), followed by Masturbatorium (1991), FUCK (1992), Mastery of Money (1992), Resurrection, with The Sons of God, (1993) and How to Reform Mankind (1994). The 1980s vinyl releases eventually came out on 6 CDs in a collaboration with The Grey Area of Mute Records, The Golden Hammer (1994). Currently being re-issued by Korm Plastics, The Netherlands.