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TO:72 – Mika Vainio “Black Telephone of Matter”

CD Album
7 tracks – 54:38
Artwork by Jon Wozencroft

This is Mika Vainio’s 4th solo album for Touch, after Onko [Touch # TO:34, 1997], Kajo [Touch # TO:43, 2000] and In The Land Of The Blind, One-Eyed Is King [Touch # TO:54, 2003]. He is, of course, part of Pan Sonic with Ilpo Väisänen, and also records solo as Ø.

Track list:

1. Roma A.D. 2727
2. Silencés Traverses Des Mondes Et Des Anges
3. Bury A Horse’s Head
4. In A Frosted Lake
5. Swedenborgia
6. A Measurement Of Excess Antenna Temperature At 4080 Ml/S
7. The Breather

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TO:75LP – BJNilsen “The Short Night”

LP – 7 tracks – 48 minutes
Vinyl version edited and remixed in Berlin, July 2007.

Track listing:

A1. Front
A2. Finisterre
A3. Pole of Inaccessibility
A4. Viking, Cromarty…
B1. Black Light
B2. Icing Station
B3. Viking North

Using location recordings, weather, birdsong and radio, BJNilsen continues to map and explore uncharted territory.

A follower to 2005’s Fade to White [Touch # TO:65], BJNilsen develops his work further, based on field recordings and electronics. This time he adds harsher yet clearer harmonies with musical elements to the compositions, creating a beautifully complex and detailed study. Recorded in 2006-7 with mostly analogue equipment, using up to 50 year-old tapemachines, filters and generators that end up being the soft cushion in these cold location recordings.

Location recordings from Mälaren, Stockholm, Sweden; Coombe Gibbet, Berkshire, England and Landakot, Vatnsleysuströnd, Iceland.

Telefunken M10 and M5, Studer B67, Ferrograph Series 4, Bruel and Kjær Sine-Random Generator and Frequency Analyzers. Also Monowave, Sequential Circuits ProOne, Korg MS20, Esq1, MOTU 828MK2, Ableton Live, Logic Audio 6
Morin khuur on Black Light played by Hildur Ingveldardóttir Gudnadóttir

Continue reading – Special Touch Feature and Showcase write: “Touch, and their output over the years, has always captured our attention here at Bleep – from their unique, musical approach to stunning, landscape photography used for release artwork. In acknowledgement of their progressive approach to music, we are very happy to have a comprehensive catalogue on board reduced at a special price for your buying pleasure in both physical and digital format, an interview with Jon Wozencroft and a selection of favourite releases picked by some of the Touch artists and staff.”

The Touch showcase can be found here on Their interview with Jon Wozencroft can be read on the Bleep blog. Finally, there are “Best of Bleep” charts from Fennesz, Philip Jeck, Geir Jenssen, Mike Harding and Jon Wozencroft.


Auckland International Film Festival

Live performance to a screening of “Tuolumne: The Lights and Perfections” by Paul Clipson (USA). Saturday July 11, 7.30pm. St Paul St Gallery.

Rosy Parlane: Auckland Installation & Performance | 11th July 2009

Rosy has created a headphone sound piece for Sonic Museum at the Auckland War Memorial Museum. “Dawn” was commissioned for the WW2 Hall of Memories. The installation runs until 29 November 2009. A sample of “Dawn” can be heard here, and the track downloaded from here.

In addition, on Saturday July 11, 7.30pm at St Paul Street Gallery, Rosy will be performing live to a screening of “Tuolumne: The Lights and Perfections”, a Super 8 film by Paul Clipson [USA].

Tribute to Mollie Sugden

The comedy actor Mollie Sugden died yesterday at the age of 86 after a long illness. She was best known for playing Mrs Slocombe in long-running BBC sitcom “Are You Being Served?”. An obituary from can be read here.

As a tribute, please click here for a short mp3 clip, taken from Touch’s first edition, Feature Mist.

Read about Touch’s early cassette culture in the Archive

TO:52LP – Jóhann Jóhannsson “Englaborn”

Touch # TO:52LP
Gatefold vinyl edition
Artwork & Design by Jon Wozencroft
Cut by Jason at Transition
Originally released on CD by Touch in 2002

Track list:

Side One
1. Odi Et Amo (3:10)
2. Englabörn (1:34)
3. Jói & Karen (3:24)
4. Þetta Gerist Á Bestu Bæjum (1:02)
5. Sálfræðingur (3:49)
6. “Ég Sleppi Þér Aldrei” (2:57)
7. Sálfræðingur Deyr (3:40)
8. Bað (3:07)

Side Two
9. “Ég Heyrði Allt Án Þess Að Hlusta” (2:05)
10. Karen Býr Til Engil (3:45)
11. Englabörn – Tilbrigði (1:24)
12. “Ég Átti Erfiða Æsku” (3:41)
13. Krókódíll (2:45)
14. “Ef Ég Hefði Aldrei…” (3:42)
15. …eins og venjulegt fólk (3:51)
16. Odi Et Amo – Bis (4:00)

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