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Touch Presents… | Sohrab, Achim Mohne, Jiyeon Kim

UPDATE – Sohrab has been refused entry into the UK.

New line-ups for London dates:

BJNilsen and John Chantler added to Touch presents… line up at Café Oto on Friday 8th November 2013, and BJNilsen will also perform at Pelican on Saturday 9th November 2013. NB: Sohrab will still be performing at the Berlin date.

In November Touch presents a short series of concerts in London and Berlin, featuring performances by Sohrab, Achim Mohné and Jiyeon Kim – a triple bill of exploratory music with three artists each defining their own sonic territory. German artist Achim Mohné works across different media formats, blurring the edges between them and exploring unexpected uses of modern and outmoded technology. Sohrab is a Tehran born musician whose ambient works are both a product of his environment and a reaction against it. Korean sound artist Jiyeon Kim’s experiments in resonance have led to an unconventional approach to field recording.

8th November 2013 | Touch presents… at Café Oto, London

Achim Mohné, BJNilsen, John Chantler Sohrab & Jiyeon Kim
Café Oto, 8pm
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9th November 2013 | Touch presents… Hidden Narratives of Empty Spaces at The Peckham Pelican, London
BJNilsen, Sohrab Jiyeon Kim & Mike Harding
The Peckham Pelican, 7pm
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12th November 2013 | Touch presents… at Ausland, Berlin
Achim Mohné, Sohrab & Jiyeon Kim
Ausland, 8.30pm

Sohrab on resonancefm | 5th November 2013

Long Wave

Hosted by Mike Harding
5th November – Sohrab

Track listing:

1. Aamookhtan Baraye Zistan (learning for life)
2. In The East
3. Himmel Über Tehran
4. Europa
5. Pedagogicheskaya Poema
6. You Are Not Alone remixed by JG.Thirlwell, Achim Mohné & Jóhann Jóhannsson

Station IDs: Sohrab
Voice: Mandy H

Carl Michael von Hausswolff’s Jonathan Jonsson

1. pour 2 dl red Rioja wine in a straight glass
2. pour 2 dl SevenUp and 8 cl Absolut vodka, with some ice, in a shaker and shake it.
3. pour the shaked and chilled contents in the straight glass and stir.
4. put two red coktail cherries in the glass.


Spire 5 – Marcus Davidson “The Passing”

2 tracks – FLAC Audio download – 18:31

Track listing:

1. The Passing 9:14
Recorded at St. Stephan’s Church, Mautern, Austria as part of Spire live at The Kontraste Festival, Krems, 11th October 2013.
Marcus Davidson – Organ & Electronics
EVP samples by Raymond Cass from “The Ghost Orchid – An Introduction to EVP” [PARC CD1]
NASA recording of the winds of Saturn from The Voyager Spacecraft
Natural VLF Radio Phenomena of the Magnetosphere and space weather recording by S.P. McGreevy
With thanks to Charles Matthews

2. Sacred Space 9:17
Recorded at PassionsKirche, Berlin, Germany as part of CTM12 Festival, 5th February 2012
Marcus Davidson – Electronics
Charles Matthews – Organ
Part one: Notations from the NASA recordings of the Rings of Uranus
Part two: The Sun dawning over the dark rings of Uranus

Touch presents… | Hidden Narratives of Empty Spaces


Art Assembly in association with Touch present Hidden Narratives of Empty Spaces – an investigation into the stories and soundtracks hidden within the cracks of empty rooms and deserted environments. Iranian born Sohrab and Seoul based artist Jiyeon Kim demonstrate through their work how manipulated field recordings can be employed to amplify an existing or reveal a new narrative of the empty space. With guest performances and an opening conversation by Mike Harding of Touch. 7pm, Saturday 9th November,

The Peckham Pelican.
Tickets £7.50

If you are a sound or visual artist interested in getting involved in Hidden Narratives of Empty Spaces please visit here

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Touch presents… | Live in Lincoln Cathedral

Two World Premieres from Chris Watson + Hildur Guðnadóttir, and Anna von Hausswolff
19th October 2013, 7:30 – 9:30pm, Lincoln Cathedral

Touch is delighted to be invited back to play live in Lincoln Cathedral by Frequency, after the hugely successful 13th edition of Spire, which took place in the same space, in October 2011.

Chris Watson (field recordings) and Hildur Guðnadóttir (cello) will be collaborating on a brand new collaborative multi-channel sound work, titled “Sönghellir (The Cave of Song)” – a sound journey from under the waters of Faxafloi, Iceland, alongside some of the largest animals on the planet. Up, onto the lava beach, across the lava fields and reindeer moss to the foot of the snow mountain, Snaefellsnes. The journey continues up and then into the mountain, ending inside Sönghellir, the song cave…

On a clear day in Reykjavik, one can gaze northwest and see the shining Snaefellsjokull glacier, 60 miles away. Though the glacier is nowhere near in size to some of Iceland’s others, it is by far the most mysterious and popular. It rests near lands end on one of Iceland’s most beloved landscapes – the Snaefellsnes Peninsula – and its bright, mysterious beauty seems to embody the entire region. One of the reasons why Icelander’s love the Snaefellsnes Peninsula so much (aside from its enchanting landscape brimming with lava caves, waterfalls, and mineral hot springs) is that it is a veritable heartland of history. Some of the best and most important sagas took place here, and it is said that Christopher Columbus once spent a winter in Ingjaldsholl, where he heard stories of lands to the west.

Anna von Hausswolff, a Swedish singer, pianist and songwriter, will be performing a new score for the organ, titled “Källan”.

The Eternal Chord, an improvisational work from some of the artists present, will close the evening.

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Phill Niblock is 80 | 2nd October 2013

Today is the great Phill Niblock‘s 80th birthday. We wish him all the very best. Its a huge honour to work with him. Happy birthday, Phill!!!