TO:2 – General Strike “Danger in Paradise”

Track list:

Side One

Interplanetary Music
The Fatal Glass
Next Day
Babycart to Hell
The Barkless Dog
Guided Missiles

Side Two

My Other Body
Bamboo House of Dolls
Interplanetary Dub
We Travel the Spaceways
Friendless Animals
Sea Hunt
Danger In Paradise

Audio notes:

DAVID TOOP: guitar, prepared guitar, bass percussion, flute, alto flute, glockenspiel, vocals, tape noises, rhythm tracks. STEVE BERESFORD: bass, piano, glockenspiel, Farfisa organ, trumpet, Prophet, flugelhorn, toy piano, euphonium, percussion, vocals, melodica, noises, rhythm tracks

with guests: Lol Coxhill, tenor saxophone on guided missiles and soprano saxophone on interplanetary music + dub. Dawn Roberts, vocal on my other body. Maartje Ten hoorn, violin on interplanetary music.

Composed in Brixton, Stoke Newington, Clapham, Venezuela by Toop & Beresford except: interplanetary music, we travel the spaceways – SUN RA – Dub Sun Ra Toop Beresford Cunningham & guided missiles – THE CUFF LINKS. Thanks to Yoshiaki Kinno, Dave Ramsden, Whirled Music, Lloyd Bridges.

Photographs a-i taken by Martin Proctor in Cairo & Giza; Cadiz, Valencia, Jerez & roundabout; Janta Manta, Jaipur; The Wailing Wall, Jerusalem. Package arranged by Jon Wozencroft & designed by Panni Charrington. Thanks to Richard Cook.
The package contained a postcard [see above]