Tone 72 Scott | Paul | Skeen – ‘Touch Live in California 2019’

DL – 3 tracks – 61:36

Recorded live on Touch’s tour of California in May 2019, with dates at Zebulon, Los Angeles, The Battery, San Francisco and Land and Sea, Oakland.


Track listing:

1. Simon Scott – Live at The Battery, San Francisco
Mastered by SPS Mastering. Desk recording by Mike Harding.
2. Zachary Paul – Live at Land and Sea, Oakland 14:24
Mastered (mono) by Stephan Mathieu. Desk recording by Mike Harding.
3. Geneva Skeen – Live at Zebulon, Los Angeles 28:03
Room recording by Guy at Third Eye Memories. With thanks to Yann Novak.

With thanks to Jen & Charles Belleville, Chris Duncan, Kevin Corcoran, Stacy Horne, Colleen Curlin, Lara dela Cruz, Joce Soubiran and everyone who had a hand in making these events happen.