T33.11v Various Artists – ‘There Where the Avalanche Stops’

Vinyl + DL only – 15  tracks
Limited edition of 300 – white sleeve + sticker – white labels

Artwork by Jon Wozencroft
Mastered & cut by Jason @ Transition

There Where the Avalanche Stops by Various Artists

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Boomkat (UK):

Revealing a spectra of folk styles to the vast majority of us who have never visited the quinquennial folk festival, held in a castle overlooking the town of Gjirokastra in southern Albania, the set speaks to the remarkable breadth of unique instruments and styles native to the region since ancient Iliryrian times (pre-Roman).

It’s a truly enchanting collection presenting selections from six of the 26 participating districts – Vlora, Gjirokastra and Lorca from the south, and Shkodra, Debra and Tropoja from the north – and covering a gamut from spine-freezing, elegiac, layered vocal harmonies to bouzouki-sounding strings and flutes, and pinch-yourself scenes of pastoral bliss in the ‘Untitled Melody’ piece that is worth the price of entry alone.

Can’t afford a holiday this year? This LP will surely suffice.