Tone 79 Faith Coloccia & Philip Jeck – “Stardust”

Release date: 21st May 2021, pre-orders 7th May 2021

CD – 11 tracks – 59:46

Track listing:

1. Stardust
2. Archaea
3. Acquire the Air
4. Creosote
5. Seeds Planted in the Heart
6. Mycobiont
7. Usnea
8. I Feel As if the Grass Was Pleased
9. Speaking Stone
10. Mycorrhizae
11. Sun

Using cassette recordings from 2015-2018
*Some songs (in different form) appear on the Mára recording “Here Behold Your Own”.

Remixed using dubplates of Faith’s mixes and additional recordings by Philip Jeck in Liverpool, UK, 2020.

Mastered by Denis Blackham
Artwork & photography by Jon Wozencroft

The Story:

From Philip Jeck:

After first meeting at a concert of mine in Seattle, I was asked if I’d like to work on some recordings of Faith that would be sent to me as dubplates. I liked them a lot and started to work on them but without much success, I couldn’t at that time come up with anything that I thought added to Faith’s pieces. Last year in covid lockdown Faith asked again if I felt like reworking again her dubplate recordings. Second time around I really enjoyed reshaping and finding a place in them. It then took about one month to complete the tracks to my own satisfaction and sent them to Faith (hoping that she would also like them!)

from Faith Coloccia:

Philip and I met in Seattle WA at the Touch Conference in 2016. It was the first time I had seen him perform live, the experience was beautiful, full of emotion and magic, I knew I had to become friends with him! I kept in contact with Philip, and asked if he wanted to collaborate on a music project with me, to which he agreed. I recorded my tracks when my son was a newborn during his nap times. It was an interesting process to think about someone else’s creative practice beforehand, knowing that I would be making sounds for him to use and change. Part of this process was preparing dubplates to be sent to Philip, which was a first for me. Philip worked on the music for a while and then took a break, while I continued with my other music. Then during the shutdown and pandemic of 2020, I asked Philip if he was still interested, and by then he had plenty of time, and created the mixes that became Stardust.

The Artists:

Faith Coloccia is an American artist and composer based in Vashon, WA. She was born and raised in Palm Springs, CA, and attended Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles (BFA). Her work is focused on time deconstruction, inherited memory, indexical archives and how sound affects the body in space.

Using voice, field recordings, visual scores and traditional instrumentation, she unites composition, spirituality and installation acoustics into a cohesive whole. She performs under the names of Mamiffer and Mára and has been commissioned by and performed at festivals such as Big Ears (US), Hopscotch (US) and Sacrum Profanum (PL). She has performed in Europe, North America and Japan, and has collaborated with artists such as Daniel Menche, Jon Mueller, Aaron Turner, Circle and Eyvind Kang. Her work has been released on SIGE Records, Karlrecords. Room40 and Touch.

Philip Jeck studied visual arts at Dartington College of Arts in the 1970’s and has been creating sound with record-players since the early 80’s. He has worked with many dance and theatre companies and played with musicians/composers such as Jah Wobble, Steve Lacy, Gavin Bryars, Jaki Liebezeit, David Sylvian, Sidsel Endresen and Bernhard Lang.

He has released 11 solo albums, the most recent “Cardinal”, a double vinyl release on Touch. “Suite”, another vinyl -only release, won a Distinction at The Prix Ars Electronica, and a cassette release on The Tapeworm, “Spool”, playing only bass guitar. His CD “Sand” (2008) was 2nd in The Wire’s top 50 of the year. His largest work made with Lol Sargent, “Vinyl Requiem” was for 180 record-players, 9 slide-projectors and 2 16mm movie-projectors. It received a Time Out Performance Award. Vinyl Coda I-III, a commission from Bavarian Radio in 1999 won the Karl Sczuka Foderpreis for Radio Art.

Philip also still works as a visual artist, usually incorporating sound and has shown installations at The Bluecoat, Liverpool, Hayward Gallery, London, The Hamburger Bahnhof Gallery, Berlin, ZKM in Karlsruhe and The Shanghai and Liverpool Bienalles.

Philip Jeck has won the Paul Hamlyn Foundation Award for Composers 2009. A presentation ceremony took place at The Royal Institute of British Architects, London, on 9th November 2009.

He has toured in an Opera North production playing live to the silent movie Pandora’s Box (composed by Hildur Gudnadottir and Johann Johannson).He has also worked again with Gavin Bryars on a composition “Pneuma” for a ballet choreographed by Carolyn Carlson for The Opera de Bordeaux and has recently made and performed the sound for “The Ballad of Ray & Julie” at the Everyman Theatre, Liverpool.