TS15 – Sohrab “Between Strangers”

7″ vinyl only
Cut by Jason at Transition
Artwork and photography by Jon Wozencroft

Track listing:

Side A: Hejrat
Side B: Endless Spring

Recorded with rage during the winter of 2011/12. “Voice of a Burnt Generation”, sung by Hani, recorded lo–fi in the Eissenhutenstadt refugee camp, Germany.


tinymixtapes (USA):

It says on the jacket that one of the melodies used on this 7-inch is pulled from a lo-fi recording at a refugee camp in Germany. Damn Sohrab, where do we go from here? And Sohrab will answer your question with another query: Where won’t we go from here? Between Strangers is experimental thought-crime on the highest order, obsessed with waves, open ear space, unconventional rhythms, and woozy soundscapes. “Endless Spring” is a crowd erupting then slowly settling into perpetuity, after which each participant wanders into the desert and gets lost in the void. That’s actually the flip; “Hejrat” leads off and follows a sitar and sampled siren singing into a temple of super-subdued drone. Water is burbling in a fountain as the chanting holds our gaze, a shuffling half-beat keeping time. More liquid drift drips into a drone funnel before a stuttering static edge hints at a locked groove. But it is not to be; relax, the end is near. [Gumshoe]

Record Collector (UK):

The Wire (UK):

Sohrab is the soubriquet used by an expatriate Iranian electronic musician, who is now based in Berlin. This single is his second record and is explicitly about the situation in Iran and the dislocation that comes from having to leave your home. Mixing oud, voice, percussion, the sound of water and presumably heisted traditional material, the title track is especially mesmerizing. [Byron Coley]