Guerrilla 16


15th March 2016 – Guerrilla 16

1. I’m standing on a bridge above one of the main railway lines that leave Clapham Junction. February 2016. I think I’m facing south. A train rumbles under me. My arm is stretched over the wall, so I cant see what kind of locomotive is passing. It’s a grey London morning and I’ve got an hour to kill.
2. A compilation of three London scenes. On the banks of the Thames underneath the towering mass of Tate Modern I’m looking across the river north west and there’s a massive Piledriver sinking foundations into the Thames for I don’t know what. It’s a massive drilling noise and this is just recorded on my phone. I’ve added two new recordings from the Kings Cross area, where there is a massive amount of building going up too. So it’s a triple collage from London a few weeks ago. Not very pleasant to listen to, but its life today in the Capital.
3.Rehearsal idea for a new show which is taking shape in Lake Biwa near Kyoto. I’ve no idea how its made. The show is CHROMA. Its been conceived by Shiro Takatani, and we have 2 performances of this coming up in Tokyo on May 22-23 this year. I spent 4 days with the performers and we recorded from scratch, and the whole show stems from the improvisations and Shiro’s direction. This piece did not survive his roving mind, so was abandoned as were many ideas and sounds. This is the process, and I’d have it no other way. Make, play, replace.
4. A home recording of Miss Anjani Thomas singing… I love her voice very much. This we made in a few hours. She sings and I do the rest of the damage. The drum is a rusty old metal seat by the River Spee in Berlin, and the kids are in a playground not too far from the river.
5. A soft bass drone. Low and slow. Soft and moving and fading away.