Guerrilla 17


1st April 2016 – Guerrilla 17

Nothing here is ever finished.

1. Electrical Intro 556.
2. In the village of Quincy in the Haute-Savoie there is a sweet water trough. It drips, and I’m always in need of a drip. This one although perfect in every way is surrounded by the sound of a family having lunch, the only access road is close by, airplanes constantly fly high above, coming in to land at Geneva, and there and bugs and insects all around… and the birdsong. The rich tapestry of the quiet rural French countryside.
3. Two girls in the same village playing a clapping game with upside down cups. A fine rhythm, which then turns into a huge hail storm. In the background I’ve used a Synth playabout I made last week. A simple collage test.
4.Three Electrical snorts.
5. Bathroom suite. A recording of Victor destroying the kids’ bathroom. Last week.
Another simple synthetic rhythm track accompanies this racket. Live this could be played at extreme volume to shake off any cobwebs and criticisms of complacency.
6. We are visited by the voice of Joanna Forbes. The synthetic music continues to underpin frozen vocals and treated sounds.
7. Poitiers Market. A Sunday morning. I like the lady with the squeaky shopping basket on wheels, and keep listening and, here come Joanna F again. This time sampled and played about with, and just going with the flow on this one. I can find sounds here to extract later and reuse, and remodel into firmer pieces. This Guerrilla is full of small gems I can mine later.
8. I saw The Savages a few days ago. I recorded four short pieces of guitar feedback between songs and plonked them together and started to mess around… This is just careless and carefree, made on the hoof, as I run between school runs and the market.

Again. Please feel free to pilfer and steal any of these recordings.