Guerrilla 15


1st March 2016 – Guerrilla 15

1. Sainsbury’s Car Park, 2016. Top of Ladbroke Road.
2. Moog Pulse and freeze with oboe melody and crash chords. Work in progress which is constantly changing every day.
3. Ferris Wheel turning slowly in Sapporo, Japan, 1991. Mono – the recording is in stereo but for this purpose its mono. I noticed the other day that I’ve been recording many sounds recently in mono on Ramon the Edirol, but by accident. I corrected this at Kings Cross yesterday. Have you been there recently? It’s changed into another space all together. Lots of steel going up. Lots to record.
4. “Insert your Card.” Sainsburys check out, 2016. It’s that supermarket day again.
5.Walking up 5 flights of stairs to Marlon’s flat in Berlin . 3 of us + music. On the way to a delicious lunch made by Beatt junior of the male department, with long facial beardiness now.
6. End of the record, 2016. Blackstar.
7. Piano demo idea. Recorded in Berlin at Cynthia Beatt’s dwelling, 2016. + Savory crisp bite rhythm percussion by Jft. The piano is a Steinway and very out of tune. Something to sing along to one day as I prepare my new LP for release in 2017
8. Silence.