Guerrilla 14


15th February 2016 – Guerrilla 14


1. Going to the Basement.
2. Five indoor tennis courts, and all are being played on at the same time. SIM MULE TAIN YES LEE. I accidently added a rhythm thing. The real atmosphere recording is smooth and will arrive another afternoon.
Um. 3. A long studio recording for a documentary about a sculpture by Richard Serra. The piece by Mr. S. is called 7. It is located in the Museum of Islamic Art Park, in Doha, Qatar.
4. So then we return to some very treated in my small way, um, the same recording from the tennis courts, and still I’ve not played the original recording.
Um. 5. We are of course now near a large flyover in a district of Tokyo called Satagaya, where I spent about 6 weeks 14 years ago. BC. It is night. I had a small flat and washed all my clothes in the shower while I was still in them. It was a condensed accommodation to say the least, but I came home to London with a whole LPs worth of collaged sounds. This atmosphere has insects, cars, a motorbike and a lorry. Always a favourite. And of course the ever present distant motorway flyover.
6. A Piano and Cello duet. The piano came first, recorded even before the director arrived so I could play them something. It ended up as the end credits.

Its my favourite piano in London Town at Air Adel Studio, near Baker Street. Laura Moody came in and played the cello to and on it and over it. I think in the end we probably had about four or five parts stacked up, but this is just the first one, so no chords, just space, melody and um, stuff.