Guerrilla 13


1st February 2016 – Guerrilla 13

1. Misako hums in a very quiet room where we are recording a voiceover. I found this triple-layered Ableton master a few days ago
2. Chickens and Hens recorded in a small village in deepest Alpage. We flew into Geneva, crowded into a minibus which was too small, changed the minibus for a larger one, and sang Queen songs on the one hour journey to our remote village.
one milk churn scrape.
3. A very new piece performed by my son and me. The Trombone will eventually be real. Only piano, guitars French horn and vocals to be added and written.
4. Heather Leigh and I played at Café Oto a few weekends ago, and during her soundcheck I recorded without, I have to say, her knowledge, a little of her playing and singing. I had in my mind to put this small extract together with another small recording I had made, yet again without permission of another artist live in a basement in north London. However I couldn’t find the small piece of magic I was looking for, so I turned to Lake Biwako Theatre outside Kyoto, and found exactly what I was looking for; n AC unit. Air and Concrete. Heather’s voice and guitar.
5. A Michael Jackson fan describes his feelings to me on hearing of the singers accidental death. We are talking outside the tourist spot in Berlin known as Checkpoint Charlie.
6. I’ve no idea what this is. It’s a demo from home. Shampoo advert? Cream cheese?
7. Recently discovered synth idea from Japan.
8. Misako hums our outro, twice. This piece so recently rediscovered will now be remodelled and will appear somewhere in the future as a much larger work. This is a sketch I imagine.