Guerrilla 12


15th January 2016 – Guerrilla 12

For DB

1. I love the sound of crisps being chomped. Here are two smaller people in LAX chomping away like two ravenous monkeys as they await a flight back to London Town. It’s late and the crisps are doing they’re job. The running around has stopped. I love this sound as much as I like the sound of cars passing on wet cobblestones.
2. Lime Green. This not a colour normally associated with pianos, but here is a recording I made in Sunderland Winter Gardens for the AV Festival in 2010. I’ve overdubbed a soft synth I’ve never used before on this piece using these bright lime green piano loop boxes, because although I’m very fond of the lime green beauties, I feel a small melody is required and this machine adds just enough to give me even more ideas, so I can eventually make this piece larger and firmer in the future. Lime is Fine.
3. Here is a recording of a toy car which is radio controlled and sucked to the wall of the music room, and its name is WALLRIDER. Shout it out loud, as I’m sure you’ll all want one. It can even be driven on your ceiling, but perhaps make sure a carpet is in place underneath for it to crash down onto. This is intercut with the processed sound of the mouse we heard snoring a while ago (cf Guerrilla 7) – car/mouse/car/mouse
4. The Bells of Great Rissington Church, Gloucestershire, ring out on the evening of January 2nd. 2016. Its a practise session. It was raining lightly, in the yard of The Old Rectory where I placed the Edirol recorder.
5. A synthetic machine noise.
6. If I so much as look at a piano I always try to play it. This one was in a drawing room in Scotland, but has since been moved from the front to the back of the house, where it lives quite happily amongst boxes and stuff littered here and there. I grabbed this opportunity to play before the herd of spaniels rushed me, which is of course always a pleasure I look forward to.