Guerrilla 11


1st January 2016 – Guerrilla 11

A messy rather personal collage of edits, sounds, and music from here, mixed together on a hot mac on the sofa, facing south. The tops of my legs are pink again.
Another day, another guerrilla…

1. We begin with a recording of a speech given by the Mayor of Shanghai last year when I visited the city to make a performance of The Epic of Everest with Pater Gregson and James Brooks. As these things are sometimes, there was a drinks party before we played the concert and many odd things happened during the visit. I’ve no idea what the gentleman is saying, but I hope he liked the film and concert afterwards.
2. Years ago Burnt Friedman sent me a track to remix. I played around on my very first mac in NZ and used an editing system that no longer exists. The singer in still unknown to me, but I’ve a feeling in my heart she may be from Afghanistan or northern somewhere. I’ve always loved Burnt’s music and this should be enjoyed for a little while I feel. How about two weeks… It was made in Brixton about 2001 above a take-away chicken shop on Coldharbour Lane, before children and I’m only just beginning to get to grips with what a computer is.
3. Cars and vans pass me by as I record the life around a bridge in Berlin – Glienicker Bridge. Time to swap the spies bridge, but I’m always in love with the sound of cars and cycles and lorries on cobblestones. Possibly one of my favorite evocative sounds in my small collection. Cobblers too.
4. A Dog and irritating electronic door bell somewhere between St John’s Wood and Belsize Park (basement), December 2015.
5. A new sft regurgitated piece of music played by David Coulter and Chris Calderwood in Palermo. It was originally recorded by Lia Mice, and David kindly sent me a recording of it to destroy. I can’t keep off it and it’s become a little monster with a mind of its own.
6. Channel 4 producer remembering our little naked “Blue” performance on Club X. Everyone hated it but Rene Eyre and her dancers and Dean Speedwell and I all enjoyed being naked on television together. It was the crew who felt uncomfortable and different. Its good to be naked.
7. Milking churns recorded in Quincy, Haute-Savoie, France 2014.
8. Music for Derek Jarman, and film by Isaac Julien. Played by the Elysian Quartet and sft.