Guerrilla 10


15th December 2015 – Guerrilla 10

1. Electrical rhythm made from shoehorn as featured on Guerrilla 9.
2. Waiting Room. Ravenscourt Park Tube Station.
3. A trio of suitcases on wheels, recorded in Berlin, Lille, and London.
4. Christmas Collage. Marx synth + Shostakovich.
5. Extract from Organ recital in Kaiserdom Sankt Bartholomaus, Frankfurt. Opening of the inside gates to worshippers and tourists.
6. Coastal recording, and the big Ferris Wheel from The island of Hokkaido, Japan.
7. “I’m afraid to go to sleep”, a pop song, which appeared on the OST “Ive heard the Amonite Mumur”, a film by Isao Yamada. Drum programming by Richard Preston. Guitars/piano/tapes, Sft
8. Neutron Bomb aftershock. Yemen. 2015.
9. Youtube video recording, Highgate Woods. November 2015