Guerrilla 24


15th July 2016 – Guerrilla 24

1. A café in Porto, Portugal. Coffee being made and a quiet morning. Jardim do Passeio Alegre is the park. I’ll be on my way to record some waves.
2. A musical test. Like many of my compositions they tend to start out with an idea, and this is the first idea. I’ve built five chords out of very few sounds all recorded
by my friend Mukul in Mumbai. This is made from conch shells, and will one day be finished properly once I’ve figured out how to make it a complete piece.
3. Icelandic football team return home. (Sound stolen from the television)
4. Mars solid rocket system test, USA. (More theft from the television)
5. A walk in Porto to The Lady of the Light Lighthouse on a stormy wet day. Huge waves, fishermen listening to the football on the radio, and a few people just going for a walk to the end of the harbour for the hell of it.
I used these crashing waves in the film “The Great White Silence”. There was a sequence with the “Terra Nova” heading south after leaving Wellington, and they hit a massive storm with vast southern ocean swells. This, with a little tweaking, sat very well indeed with documentary footage of the journey, and almost gave the illusion of actually being a recording from the very bow of the vessel.
Having got my wave recording I again walk past the gentleman litening to the radio, on the beach and then the stony shoreline itself.
6. Berlin. Music made up from life sounds while working on “The Invisible Frame”, a film by Cynthia Beatt. I found an old watchtower and as ever Ramon my trusty Edirol did his job. Actually listening to this now I can say that I added some sounds from the Jewish Holocaust Memorial as well.

May peace prevail on earth.