Guerrilla 25


1st August 2016 – Guerrilla 25

1. The first rhythm is made from a recording made in a village in Spain two weeks ago. Daughter girl thing came to me and asked me to listen to the noise she was making. My ears are always ready, as was Ramon. I’m always delighted when either smaller childperson comes to me knowing that they’ve discovered something I might like to record. They are pretty much always correct when it comes to new sounds they’ve discovered… This was a lovely clear very small sound. A Spanish sticking plaster being removed from the left leg where there had been a small cut.
2. A collage I made for an exhibition about John Berger at Somerset House in 2012. Joana Segura had curated the show but had no idea I was working on a long term project about JB with Swinton of the Tilda variety. I spent an hour or so in one room in particular where there had been drawing classes. Pens, paper, note pads, easels filled the room so all I had to do was wait for silence and use these props as my instruments. Oddly enough as I’m a regurgitator I also used these sounds in the BFI restoration of The Epic of Everest. Not as a true sound, but as a ‘False Foley’. This needs explaining another time.
3. Gurgling sinks have always held a fascination for me. Here is a piece I made earlier this summer which I’ve not had time to work on properly yet. This short extract is made in exactly the same way as the previous two. It’s a very simple way of not editing sounds but just making passes of them instead and then editing them later, but not in this case. Here is the last three minutes or so of take one.