Guerrilla 23


1st July 2016 – Guerrilla 23

1. The beginning of a concert that Rainier Lericolais and I made somewhere in Belgium in about 2008-9. The voice is his wife. I’m playing a harmonium we discovered off stage just as we stood in the wings. ALWAYS drag on a Harmonium, is my advice. The jack buzz is exactly that. Always repeat your mistake and it cancels out the mistake and becomes a part of the improvisation.
2. Is there a trapped dove in the track? An extract of this harmonium playing was used, in fact, for the very end of The Great White Silence soundtrack.
3. The next bit I made a week or so ago. Its just a bit of, well I’m not sure exactly. STUFF. Loops all at the same temperature jump in and out randomly while the engine blurts and stutters on. It sounds wooden, with a light metallic finish.
4. London town. Live recording from across the bridge at Goldbourne Road on a Saturday a week or so ago.
5. Demo for a bigger tune to be made in the future. Its fun to play live LOUD. Just need to develop and play in the studio. Long fade, as it could easily stretch to about ten minutes, or an album of course. Perhaps next time.
Sft – Solo Piano. Recorded at Air Adel Studios, London, for the film “Double Lesson”.
6. I’ve no idea how I made this or why. Why not, I guess. I have to explore everyday. I wish I could work with a drummer. This is a little messing around for a film (I’ve just remembered) and I dumped this but used a few of the sounds later in a completely different mood and context.
7. Voice mess. Gated with reverb, I’d say. The kind of useful piece, because I can extract just one very short element and take it out for a walk on its own up a path or over a cliff.

It’s a loopy Guerrilla 23. Please feel free to extract and remake.