Guerrilla 22


15th June 2016 – Guerrilla 22 recorded in the National Theatre, Tokyo, May 2016.
2. Music from “Gangster No. 1”. A film with lots of blood and two composers. The other composer was whatshisname. Johnnie Dankworth, and Richard Preston who was the engineer on my sessions. His dad worked with JD in the 60s, mainly at the now closed studio in Holland Park. Whatsitsname.
3. Messing about with electronic instruments + hold your breath announcement.
4. A pink Elephant riding machine in Agua Amarga. Its sadly not there anymore. Swallowed many pockets of change over the years we went there with Whatshisname.
5. Another electronic test. It doesn’t go anywhere except towards silence. The beauty of having lots of soft synths on the mac is that I can play totally strange instruments whenever I feel like a little exploring coming on, usually when, you know, What’stheirfaces are in bed.
6. A rare outing for The King of Luxembourg. This is called “Sweets of Japan”. It was a single on coloured vinyl. It’s the kind of POP I would make now if I was ever commissioned to make another LP as that majesty. Sadly this doesn’t look likely in the current climate of making records. The drum machine is very old. The insects are from Tokyo. Night bugs.
7. Crash
8. Experimental music. Basic, left/right mix. I like this. I’ve used small extracts of this over the past few years from time to time.
9. The Post Office in Sunderland.
10. More modern music from that gangster movie I mentioned earlier, directed by, oh, whatshisname, oh lord, um… some of this could be resampled.
11. Indianapolis 500, 2016. Cool cars speeding past. Recorded off the TV.