Guerrilla 20


15th May 2016 – Guerrilla 20

1. Big bird talking to me in Hyde Park. She is guiding me to the guns, and telling me I’m on the wrong side of the park and I will have to walk all the way round The Serpentine, but hurry, you’re late and you must miss the guns being assembled.
2. Various synthetic electrical sounds edited together in a rough fashion.
3. I think it’s LA. A fountain?
4. This is a squeaky swing in the playground at Venice beach.
5. Erasure introesque loop.
6. Laughter in Kyoto with students.
7. Balloon works all going into Leafcutter John’s free software. It’s called Forester and is a beautiful thing. Mine had stopped working.
8. New Tone piece recorded 10th of May as I prepare to set up the mac for trip abroad. Sounds are sourced from a very large MOOG.
9. Synthetic animal noise. A gift from Gemini Forque from Deux Filles
10. Outtake. From the film “The Epic of Everest”.
11. Compressed noise. To sample and mess with.
12. 41 Gun Salute. Hyde Park. London. Very difficult to record as I was rather close. It was her birthday apparently, but I’m not sure which on. 90 years old. I set the record level to minimum, and this rather shoddy recording certainly shows up my amateur status in the field of natural sound artists.
13. The Guns are picked up and driven away by the horses and driven away across the park.
14. It’s a sploot. I may be repeating myself. Oh yes, Its made from a piano string and a rubber, and some feedback from a dress which is miked up and played through a large PA system in Kyoto, but look out, I’ve left a tail of tourists taking photos of the cavalry as they disappear into the distance, and you can hear the brass band striking up a lovely tune for Her Majesty and all to hear.