Guerrilla 21


1st June 2016 – Guerrilla 21

Complied backstage at The New National Theatre. Tokyo, and St Luke’s Studio.

1. I arrive in Tokyo at eight o’clock. Time for breakfast. I’m here for a week, with three diffirent kinds of performances to be part of, and make, but first I have to book into my apartment. There is a balcony and it’s drizzling softly. Warm rain, light and soft, pale grey skies above, but the weather forecast is for sunshine for the rest of the week. It is time to record some soft rain, so out goes the Edirol, ‘Ramon’ and my time here begins. This is quiet for the city.
2. Electronic sounds which I may use in a performance here at Uplink in Shibuya. I’ve come prepared in a vague sort of way. I’m ready for anything. I also really enjoy making these improvisations then cutting them up.
3. Piano and I in Scotland. Odd chords which I like. I played with my eyes closed and it sounds like it. In the background a life recording from the local noodle restaurant in Hatagaya where we all live for this week in Tokyo.
4. This is the sound of the main road between the New National Theatre where we perform CHROMA, with Shiro Takatani’s company from Kyoto. Shiro, Olivier and I went to lunch across the road and had simple grilled mackerel and rice, with a small shellfish soup. 9000 yen. Bargain. I’ve screwed up the recording a little because I like the effect on each channel.
5. Ballon music. This is a large grey one we got for Jasper’s 11th birthday. During the past month I’ve recorded many kinds of balloons. Hoover and balloons highly recommended. The backing track is recorded from a BLUE live concert in Krems, Austria. I found and made the loop last week trying to find a partner for Mr Grey Balloon.
6. Music for Jasmina Cibic. Systems music, pure and simple. This kind of recording process really I think was spurred on by my love of “A Rainbow in Curved Air”, by Terry Riley. I must have been about 15 and a half when I first heard it. Simple 8 track recording which eventually runs out of steam. It’s forever changing but only slowly. Recorded at home of course. Where else is there.
7. Meow. Our friendly Tokyo cat, black ‘n’ white, and a docked tail. Meow.