Guerrilla 19


1st May 2016 – Guerrilla 19

We always try to catch a direct train to Devon.

1. We are speeding along between Bristol and Exeter. A good straight stretch of line. We can even open the windows and stick our heads out, but at this speed we just just catch flies.
2. Pogo stick girl.
3. A Collection of adults and children cleaning mussels. Ingredients: a large collection of fresh mussels, water and small knives, but not too sharp or oyster openers.
4. Eartha Kitt. No need to explain what this is all about. Common sense.
5. Mary washing winkles, and then pouring away dirty water.
6. An Electrical sound.
7. A collage made from the sound of a large iron door in Berlin, crossed and edited with the sound of a straw instrument made by our daughter. There are small edited sections and then a one off improvised performance. Ingredients: a large door, a plastic straw and a plastic cup with lid and hole for straw movement access.
8. I am washing winkles on my own. A dry recording in the house to avoid any contact with the children.
9. I play the toy uke whilst my daughter makes sweet jolly YEHAA noises. (Bathroom recording, no light, just a candle to see hands)
10. We are now in Paris outside a venue in the northern part of the city. I hear this extraordinary creaking. It’s a massive loading bay. The piano tuner is working inside the venue. You can also hear the distant winkles and chimes of YEHAA land. All reverbs coming along as an underthought to supplement.
11. The following recording.
12. My mother describing her fathers rented house in Kensington during the second world war. The sounds from the previous track continue somehow underneath all this. More YEHAAs.
13. Door of loading bay processed a tad, then frozen. (Longfade)
14. Electrical sound again, but echoed simply.