Guerrilla 26


15th August 2016 – Guerrilla 26

It’s the summer school holiday. We’ve travelled, eaten and sat in the sun and swam constantly.

1. The first section is recorded in Agua Amarga and is an extract (of course) of an experinment which only uses the sound from my favourite underground car park in Europe. The instrument is a 1 litre plastic water bottle. The reverb is all natural, hence why it’s my favourite carpark.
2. Close up recording of a rather vision sea at Villaricos. It’s the black lava rocks we love. A dangerous and rather stupid recording to make, but I knew it wouldn’t be there for ever. Wind tends to disappear just when you want to record it, and so does the sound of the stones as well.
3. Three drifts for Richard Heslop, a film maker. He never used these in a film called “Frank”. Im rather tempted to resample them and carry on trying out new ideas with them. I trap the reverbs and freeze them. An old, but beautiful trick.
4. Sweeney Todd. A long Q from the film version I did the music for ages ago – BC I think. Lots of W30 homemade samples, Tony Hinnigan on electric ‘cello,and probably Kate St John on oboe. I’m the simple pianist and sample maker-player.
5. The Street market in Hatagaya, Tokyo this spring. The Gentleman is selling vegetables, and his wife assists. This area we stayed in “Hatagaya” is rather quiet compared with other inner city area’s I’ve stayed in before. Friendly cats and local dogs are always smiling and wandering about.
6. Plaster pull solo, recorded in Villaricos.