Guerrilla 27


1st September 2016 – Guerrilla 27

1. Five ish. Late August. Great Rissington. The backyard has no moss on the ground and a few figs have survived the birds pecking the hell out of them. As ever It’s never really quiet in the English countryside down south. So we have sweet birdsong, the odd crow I think and of course an aeroplane somewhere I can’t for the life of me see. I’d forgotten to take the Edirol for a walk through woods my pa planted. Hey ho. Next time, perhaps.
2. This is an odd combination. A rusty old bench looped from the fine German city of Berlin. I’m by the canal and recording and hitting anything which might make a sound I can use for the film I’m working on. This is the rhythm. Then there’s an odd thing I found which is just labelled ”Minamoi”. No idea, but it could be an extract from a concert I made with “Minamo” in Japan about 14 years ago. On the other hand!!!! Then the most important find is the music we call “The Mice” It’s an old harmonium sort of keyboard we found whilst on tour. The “we” being the “Elysian Quartet”. On the other hand, this might just be nonsense. I’ll have to ask Emma or Laura or Jenny. Sadly Vince can’t help, so I’m thinking and asking him the hardest what on earth the music is. God, it made us laugh.
3. “The Great White Silence“ was a film about Captain Scott. David Coulter came in for a session and played his normal unusual collection of bits and pieces, and as ever came with a saw. I discovered the file last week while looking for old pieces to make new pieces from, and to my delight I found the whole saw session with gaps, mistakes, and all the things you wouldn’t hear on the film. So I stole a small extract and whipped it into shape in about 10 mins. This is the whipping unedited. I’m making freezes and generally getting the feel for the piece. This really is you listening to me trying to find something from something – if you get my drift. I like it raw like this, switching things in and out, trying bits and bobs. It’s not even a demo. As I say, It’s Whipping.
4. Mysterious music from an old cassette regurgitated. This will definitely rise again from the Guerrilla sessions. Not to be overlooked by me.