Guerrilla 28

15th September 2016 – Guerrilla 28

1. France. The maise crops are sprayed and watered constantly. Huge fountains move up and down the fields which are drenched from dawn until dusk. My idea was to get a close up recording of this. Unfortunatly the gound ws sodden and soft I sort of failed. BUT, instead I recorded the sound of the machine that moves the huge fountain pipe up and down the field, and this is what you have here. A selection of close up recordings collaged together in one fell swoop. Its simple and I’ve resisted the urge to add any countryside atmos. Less is less.
2. Oh yes. Villaricos in Almeria. Midday church bell striking. This summer. I like it’s simple rather rough tone. It was the midday strikes I was after but then as I was about to leave the bell suddenly peeled again in a mad fury. Another happy accident. Im happy with the background atmos too of this , car, whatever was going on in the street.
3. School choir sing. “This old Man”. Brilliant version. RPPS Chamber choir From Ravenscourt Park.