Guerrilla 29


1st October 2016 – Guerrilla 29

1. Dyson hand dryer. Not sure where I recorded this but probably, now let me think, um, I’m trying to remember the first time I had Ramon with me, so it may well have been an airport, or a petrol station on the way to Devon or an uptodate washing room facility I’ve forgotten about.
2. Scissors cutting thick drawing paper at Port Eliot 2016, then a snippet of it effected. Sandy Powell was in charge of the life class which was drawing a fine quartet of very delicious drag queens.
3. A piano (fake) I recorded for a strange film about a terrorist plot set in Spain (I think). Marc the director was a banker who wanted to make a movie. I see Marc in coffee houses around Portobello road often. Our kids are getting taller together. He no longer has a desire to make movies. The film was called ”Burning Light” .
4. A recording of the traffic on Hammersmith Bridge a few weeks ago. I walk the bridge, I listen to it, and hang around it and look up the Thames and down towards the River Café restaurant.
5. The rattle of the barriers on the bridge which I’ve put into Ableton and done not a lot with over at least 6 tracks. Various looped sections going into a rather horrific sample of my voice describing what I’ve just recorded. Showing off, I guess.
6. Kate St John (Oboe) and I. A sad piece recorded in The Soundsuite Studio in Camden Town run by Pete Rackham. We recorded Jarman scores there too. Up the cobbled mews right hand side. Good deals done.
7. Music for a PSB documentary called “The Greeks” directed by Cassian Harrison. At least 15 years old – or more even. I’ll look it up on IMBD. It was in fact recorded during 2000. IMDB should be correct but in fact isn’t always.