Guerrilla 30


15th October 2016 – Guerrilla 30

1 Portobello Road Market. Just outside Tesco, there’s a gentleman who sells second hand clothes for one pound only. He’s from Greece, and he sings beautifully. I’ve no idea what the song is about, so I’ll go and ask him now.
2. Voice of actor through the rather plain vocoder, but I like the rhythm at the end which eventually sounds like water, which it isn’t. Water recordings can be somewhat overrated, plus they’re easy to make sound beautiful.
3. Metal percussion backing with a very drunk sounding accordion recorded in Berlin. I was wondering what on earth this was, and then I read the label. It’s me chucking stuff into a skip at Check Point Charlie, Berlin. The wall was down, and now it’s a tourist attraction of course. I’m using my very small keyboard to make the accordion drunk, I think. Its got a wobble in the loop.
4. Spider Pig, (version 2 in the other bathroom) sung by Jasper Fisher Turner. Recorded in Los Angeles a long time ago. House was in Venice Beach, all white and wooden. Kids were small then, so I got to know all the playgrounds in VB and Santa Monica. I thought at one stage I should write a book with pictures entitled “Playgrounds I’ve know and loved”. Luckily I grew out of the idea.
5. Two Orchestral samples and an opera singer. It’s what years ago I would have called a “drift”. It’s not that at all. It’s a short journey really. Off the cuff, and not dissimilar to how I still make long pieces, which I then edit out sections and remodel/work/re/ and re/edit. Too many “It’s “in this paragraph. Bad Donkey.