Guerrilla 31


1st November 2016 – Guerrilla 31

1. Whips and bark scratching from the Checkpoint Bravo woodlands outside Berlin. Dense countryside. My Ableton process well-apparent in its own looping world. There are at least 9 extractions of woodland sounds here.
2. A small pebble on the floor of P3 Space. Londontown. This turns into a collage using recent recordings of Jill Stein being arrested in the US of A and my friendly neighbours on Portobello Road. There are sacks of cement being delivered to the ex-pub on the corner next to Rough Trade West. We listen on but then are rudely interrupted by a swift edit into yet another small Leviathon piece I made a while ago. Along with MARX this is my other favourite instrument nestled in my Mac. I plan one day to make a whole LP just using Leviathon. I have a feeling it will be a live concert.
3. 5 Star Car Wash just off Sheperds Bush Green. Always a sonic treat and always seems a treat. Something about a funfair ride perhaps. The hoses, water drops on the car roof. The huge dryers and fans, and eventually we roll out for the final hand shine.
4. The pit orchestra prepares to perform. Little do they know I make a quick pass as I find my seat after showing the kids the orchestra pit.