Guerrilla 32


15th November 2016 – Guerrilla 32

Announcement for new R-05. Ramon is not too well with loose microphones and rotting inside.

1. Athens street musicians. A duo my wife and I found while looking for our B&B. Probably at least twenty years ago. It’s rough and uncut. This is overlayed with a piece of music I made for the Jean Genet film “Un Chant De’Amour”, rolling drums by Asaf Sirkis. Perhaps it’s an unfinished backing track. It seems so empty, which is good. Gilad Atzmon is on saxophone. I’m fairly certain its not on the soundtrack like this. I’ll check one day.
2. More demos. This time for “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead”. Sleepy drifts which may have been used as a third layer. Not music, not sound, just stuff. I seem to be in a “not sure” territory this weekend.
3. The Soundsuite organ. Recorded before Pete threw it out. The rhythm box is what I fell in love with. We recorded “The Last of England”, “The Garden”, “Loveletter” LP, “Blue”, and many more soundtracks in this studio which was stuck up Camden Mews. Always good value, but a crap piano.
4. The Rosetta Control Centre. I’m just recording the final moments as we wait for the last signal to go flat which means the space craft has crashed on the comet. Goodbye Rosetta. Beautiful job.
5. Finally a pedestrian crossing in Singapore. The first I’d heard like this. It was a highlight of the trip sonically, apart from the cleaners in the mall nearby.