Guerrilla 33


1st December 2016 – Guerrilla 33

1. Bologna. October 2016. A very serious game of “Keep The Balloon Up” at Guido Reni in the old city, played with ancient handmade plastic and wooden swords. Player who pops the balloon first is the loser.
2. A new piece of minimal electronic music made up of ‘Slithers’ from the film LAVA. It was a comedy set in W11 directed by Joe Tucker. Music original by Sft. I found the lost picture Q’s on a drive a week or so ago. Extraction took place, and five new components appeared. This is the first result. I like it. EQs are changing, but otherwise it’s a fairly stable piece, which has two movements. It is of course just a pass not a finished work.
3. The bells from the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem 1996, The City of Heaven. I was on a mission to Israel to record sounds for a dance commission by Rosemary Butcher. She, like Derek Jarman, wanted authentic new life recordings from the locations, not overused library recordings. My wife and I travelled for 10 days. Life changing. We had no idea about the political situation there, but as we travelled around our viewpoint changed considerably and we returned to the UK with a very real sense of the injustices the Palestinian people are living with.
4. Seven synthetic loops randomly mixed. October 2016.
5. An eighty second stretch of one breath from Muammar Gaddafi.
6. The skateboarders underneath The South Bank Complex. I’ve been recording them for years but this is a delicious one. Nothing is split, so it’s just the first take and I’m casually leaning against a pillar trying not to look as though I’m a lifesound recordist.