Guerrilla 34


15th December 2016 – Guerrilla 34

1. Toy boar (brown). Recorded in the bathroom after an unsuccessful attempt on the stairs.
2. A BLUE remix with DJ writing loop. Playing the oboe is Kate St John. There is the sound of a Polaroid instant camera taking a picture. Freezes. Unknown electronic rhythms. Stuff. Unknown BLUE drifts. A November 2016 remix from the live Serpentine Gallery set up.
3. I have no idea how I made this. It’s rhythmic. Lots of swishing and backwards stuff. Is it me? I think so. In and out of times. (Red)
4. A Bathroom home recording of a sculpture by Jasmina Cibic. (Bronze) 2015. Recorded in the BLUE bathroom, and played by Mr Peter Moss.
5. A Tesco commercial for apples. Music by Sft. (Green) Recorded in The Limehouse Recording Studio by James Aparicio. East London.
6. We wish you a merry Christmas. All verses. Sung by a very young Isabella (White).