Guerrilla 41

April 1st 2017 – Guerrilla 41

Sft with The Elysian Quartet, with Sarah Scutt.

String and woodwind session were recorded in June 2010 at Eastcote Studios, Kensal Road, London W10.

Recording engineer was Phillip Bagnall.

The rest made during February 2017 when I found a mysterious session on a 14/15 drive.

I’m not exactly sure what it’s made from, but I’ve since reprocessed whatever it was and turned it into something different. Slightly. Perhaps. I went to sleep in the afternoon last week as I was checking it for details, so it must be doing something correct. Don’t be afraid to sleep. The rain storm at the end has just reminded me that she was recorded during a vast thunderstorm in Quincy, France.

Oh, the piece is called “Escalator” and this is an edited down version. The original is actually running at over 30 mins, and could easily get longer.

G41 compiled and mixed 14th March 2017.