Guerrilla 50

August 15th 2017 – Guerrilla 50

1. RAIN on tent in Port Eliot, 2017.
Rain, Mud, Music, Cacti, Acoustic guitars, Cuban singers, RAIN, beer, peacefulness. Friendship, makeup, players poets and ghosts.
2. RAIN in a field in Quincy, The Alpage.
A Tractor has a deep bass sound which continues to interrupt the beauty of the natural sounds. Even here in a small village miles from anywhere, cars, aeroplanes and train invade. A farmer drives the tractor as I hide from the storm which has come upon us from the South.
3. RAIN in London, but this sound is just pure galvanised STEEL. A simple staircase. A step to a home beneath the road of Londontown. RAIN again in realtime.