Guerrilla 74

August 15th 2018 – Guerrilla 74

1. This could be a lost new backing track by Claudine and Gemini – Deux Filles, but it seems a little too unfocused and waffle-ish. A drift without an Island in sight. It needs to see land, and feel the shore with a salty melody.
2. This is a rediscovered IFT sploot from yonks ago.
3. Rattles, bad simple piano, I think from Vidouse, oh, an electronic rhythm from another Mac. A child groaning. Oh dear, It’s all sounding a little like a bad home movie.
4. CHICONNE with fade.
5. French Piano X 8. Same loop length.

This second part of August, Guerrilla Audio sounds a bit hot and loopy, but not in a rhythmical sense, although it is. Normality might return in September after the light begins to fade.