Fennesz Performing at Big Ears 09

Christian Fennesz will be performing live, alongside the likes of Philip Glass, Matmos and Michael Gira, at Big Ears 09. The festival, based in Knoxville, Tennessee, runs from February 6–8, 2009. Fennesz will be performing both solo and as part of a trio, Fennesz/Linkous/Minor.

Big Ears say: “For the first time, this collaboration between Christian Fennesz, Mark Linkous (Sparklehorse) and Scott Minor (Sparklehorse) will occur on US soil. Originally sprouted from mutual admiration, the three began collaborating in the early 2000’s while Sparklehorse was touring in Europe. Sparklehorse’s damaged pop songs and Fennesz’s guitar and laptop explorations might at first seem strange bedfellows, though upon further listen each artists interest in melody and aesthetic starts to seem much less distant. Lying dormant for years – this not to be missed live event will occur only at Big Ears 09.”