Philip Jeck on “The Sinking of the Titanic” in The Guardian

Visit to read “Sinking of the Titanic: the watery sound meditation returns”, an article previewing the Gavin Bryars Ensemble / Philip Jeck performance next weekend at Touch Presents… at the Roundhouse.

“For his prologue, Jeck used a test tone record that had been lying around without a case for years. “What I’m trying to set up, it’s like an empty ocean, with bits that are like a premonition for things that are going to come,” he says. Amid the static from this battered record come foghorn-like tones and hisses like a diver’s air supply – this is a transmission being excavated from the past. “Philip is a genius, no doubt about that,” says Bryars.”
[nb: Jeck is not a DJ!] Sinking of the Titanic: the watery sound meditation returns
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