Tone 45.2 – The Sight Below “N-Plants_Remixes”

12″ White Label vinyl + 320 kbps MP3 download
Cut by Jason @ Transition

The second in the series of limited edition vinyl in the Tone 45 series, after BJNilsen’s now deleted “Vinyl” [Touch # Tone 45.1].

Track listing:

Side One 45 rpm
1. Shika 1.1 5:55
2. Shika 1.2 8:03

Side Two 33 rpm
1. Ikata 6:21

The Sight Below is a project created by Rafael Anton Irisarri, an American composer, multi-instrumentalist, curator, producer and mixed media artist. In this guise he has produced two full-length CDs on Ghostly International, “Glider” (2008) and “It All Falls Apart” (2010), and most recently, under his own name, “The North Bend” for Room 40. The connection between The Sight Below and Biosphere starts with the latter’s remix of ‘The Sunset Passage’ from the “Glider” CD, released on a limited 12” in 2009.

“N-Plants_Remixes” is a superb extension of Biosphere’s “N-Plants” CD as well as a fine release in its own right. Only 300 copies have been pressed.


Norman Records (UK):

I’m unsure whether this should actually be listed up as a Biosphere record? I mean, it’s Geir’s music that’s been tinkered with? Maybe a co-credit would be nice, huh? Oh, you want ALL that cake and chocolate filled glory do you? You fat bastard! Well, the first track here doesn’t deviate that much from the album original, it is very much an atmosphere-drenched kosmische dreamboat of a tune that wistfully pulses away in a rather Eno-like fashion. It really sets the mood and it’s nice to have a version of this on vinyl. Kicking off next we have a wicked techno thumper with some classic dubbed-out effects and the distinct undertone of a hovering ambient synth. It thunders ahead becoming a truly atmosphere-soaked track that confidently recalls some classic early Maurizio. I wish the Oriental-style keyboard motif was used a little more but that’s just me being greedy and selfish – this tune is worth the price of admission alone. The other side (I’ve no idea or care which side is which) is taken up by another fine cosmic slice of solid ambient techno that is probably built ideally for cruising down the autobahn on a warm blissful day, the momentum of the 4/4 kick carrying the fluttering, sky-kissing choral dreamscapes effortlessly. A genuine rarity is Biosphere material on vinyl these days, this is an expensive purchase for a mere three tracks but a strict limited press of 300 copies for someone like Geir Jenssen is absolutely shag-all!!