The Hafler Trio

TO:18 – The Hafler Trio “Mastery of Money” [CD]

Track listing:

1. Bull Baiting
2. Empty Rooms And Their Occupants
3. Splitting The Stick
4. The Vowel Flame
5. Callibre
6. Sec Check
(Composed with Zbigniew Karkowski)
7. Eloise C

Recorded in Amsterdam, Stockholm, Oslo, New York and Linz.
All material reworked at NYX Global and Anterior NL.

Thanks are due to Willem, Adi, Ulf, Erik, Johan & Annika.
Respect is due to M, Randi, Marion and our mother.

Tone 3 – The Hafler Trio “FUCK”

Track list:

1. Untitled (14:49)
2. Untitled (14:59)

Artwork by Jon Wozencroft
Mixed by Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson
Photography [Back Cover] – Carl Abrahamsson
Photography [Front Cover] – Annika Söderholm
Photography [Other] – Qvé Thet

“This recording is based on the suggestions (direct or indirect) made personally by many people, of whom the most important are: Annie Spinkle/Anya, Willem De Ridder, Mr. Ronald, Michael von Hausswolff, Helena Åberg, Berglind Hafsteindóttir, Joseph Kramer, Beatrice Eggers, Marion Delforge, Jon Wozencroft, Ingrid Willemse, Leif Elggren, John Duncan, Mike Harding, Alisa/Gorta, Adi Newton, Teresa Castello, Steven Stapleton, Saskia Wolda, Genesis P-Orridge, and last but not least, an unknown woman in a VD clinic in Amsterdam. All other ideas fermented within the collective enchanted loom of the H3O. Back cover photograph of the neophyte his very self during the induction phase of this project by the man who failed to look like a lobster, Carl Abrahamsson. Front cover photo by the Goddess of the photographic arts (and who knows what else?) Annika Söderholm. Other photos by Qvé Thet (for it is he). Hafler Trio Logo by Mark O. Sleeve grounding: Suitcase Studios (falling roof devision). Design by Jon Wozencroft (art?work). Thanks are due to all those whose reality tunnels have meshed with ours, and below it all, 100% support in all things and all ways. To those who will never hear this — “my house has many rooms”.

Dedicated to Monique von Cleef and Ciro Imarco (who knows if they will ever know why). FUCK was mixed at Studio Syrland, Reykavik, STEIM and Suitcase Studios, Amsterdam, by A.M.McKenzie, Zbigniew Karkowski and Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson. This recording is designed to be played at maximum volume, believe it or not. It is important that your CD player is in strict accordance with left and right channel connections: otherwise we cannot be held responsible for the (inevitable) consequences!”


Tone 1 – The Hafler Trio “Masturbatorium”

Track list:

1. Masturbatorium

Artwork – Jon Wozencroft
Featuring – Annie Sprinkle
Photography [Back Cover] – Les Barany

Notes: “This recording utilises elements from various pieces, most being initiated with this project in mind, amongst which are: Psychological Astronomy – Psychophysicist (Newton, McKenzie), The Threat That Cannot Be Obeyed – The Hafler Trio (McKenzie, Karkowski), SPIRICOM – The Hafler Trio (McKenzie, Karkowski), Tesselation – The Hafler Trio (McKenzie, Karkowski), A Luna Kanula – Asburd (McKenzie, Ponton), I Remain, Yours… – The Hafler Trio (McKenzie, Karkowski), Tantric Resonance – The Anti Group (Newton, Baker, Dennis), The Ames Room – The Hafler Trio (McKenzie), Imsak – The Hafler Trio (McKenzie). Every other sound was constructed especially for this Goddess Ritual accompaniment.

Back cover photograph of the Goddess herself during this ritual taken by the legend that walks like a man, Les Barany. Front cover photograph © Annie Sprinkle. H3O logo by Mark O. Design: Jon Wozencroft. Much more that thanks are due to Annie, Ellen and Anya for above all, faith. To all everywhere – “we’re all somebody’s baby”. Dedicated to Marthe (she’ll know why – eventually).”


TOC:2 – The Hafler Trio “Kuklos”

Track list:

1. Kuklos
Intention, attention and duplication
Soundtrack to “The Graphic Language of Neville Brody”
Design: Jon Wozencroft


TO:11 – The Hafler Trio “Ignotum Per Ignotius”

Track list:

1a. Before
1b. Materia Confusa
2a. Calcination
2b. Aqua Ardens
2c. Sublimation
3a. Condensation
3b. Crystallization
4a. Albification
4b. Solification
4c. Nigredo
5a. Journey In The Dark
5b. The Inner
5c. Words Of Power
6a. Gold From The Blackness
6b. After


SPL:1 – The Hafler Trio “A Bag of Cats”

Track list:

1. Alternation, Perception And Resistance (4:50)
2. Kuklos (3:18)
3. Imsak (3:52)
4. Crucible (5:13)
5. Mesne (Kruis) (6:05)


TO:9 – The Hafler Trio “A Thirsty Fish”

Track list:

Side One:
1. A Thirsty Fish
2. The Dirty Fire
3. A Loud Egg

Side Two:
1. The Blind Table
2. A Hungry Stone
3. The Rubber Ice

Side Three:
1. A Deaf Stick
2. The Closed Bread

Side Four:
An Elderly Testament
Artwork by Jon Wozencroft & Neville Brody
Photography – Ben Ponton/Charrm


T33.6 – The Hafler Trio – “Protection”

LP Vinyl only – 7 tracks

Track list:

Side One: Triptych
1. The Blue Wind
2. 4 Doors
Vocals – Silverstar Amoeba
3. Painted Faces

Side Two: Bedroom Scene With Hooks
1. Bedroom Scene With Hooks
2. Making Desperate Sign Language From The Funeral Pyre
3. The Birthday
Vocals – Silverstar Amoeba

TO:5 – The Hafler Trio “The Sea Org”

Track list:

Side One:

1.An Introduction To Go

Side Two:

1. Of The Building Of Forms By Vibrations
2. The Howney Stone

Artwork by Dr. Edward Moolenbeek
Artwork by Jon Barraclough & Jon Wozencroft
Booklet Edited by Jon Wozencroft
Performer – Andrew M. McKenzie, Christopher R. Watson, Dr. Edward Moolenbeek

Notes: Thanks to Ema Maynard.
Includes 20pp booklet featuring the “acoustic painting” of Dr. Edward Moolenbeek.
Cover & inserts from “Alternation, Perception and Resistance – A Comprehension Exercise”, a film by Lois Stone and The Hafler Trio.

Texts recorded in interview, 21-6-86, and by postal correspondence, May-July 1986. Other excerpts from an interview with Martin Gunther at Robol Sound Recordings (UK), 1-8-82, reprinted by permission
A1 ends with a repeating groove of audience clapping. B1 ends with repeating groove of tonal noise. To hear B2 it is necessary to manually move the tone-arm to that track.

Run-out groove messages:


TOC:1 – The Hafler Trio “Redintegrate”

Track list:

1. Redintegrate


Since 1953, The Hafler Trio has continued to implement the disuputed findings of the acoustic researcher Robert Spridgeon. ‘Redintegrate’ is a compendium of details taken from recordings made since that time, many of which are included more extensively than on [the above releases]. Each bears out Spridgeon’s deposition: ‘Until man can learn to set himself from himself, what he is from what he does, there can be no real hope of creation’.

Redintegrate was sponsored by EDGAR RODGERS and The Bureaux Clothing Group, established in 1982. The cassette, which was packaged in a Magnam Products Microcase, contained a folded card [see above] and, separately, with 3 postcards by Panni Charrington. Design: Jon Wozencroft

1. Symbolising Kundalini
2. Symbolising Tantra
3. Symbolising the Elements

T33.5 – The Hafler Trio “Brain Song”

Track list:

Side One:

1. “Blanket” Level Approach
2. Captation #7 – “Transilient Membranes”

Side Two:

1. Buggy Whip Flings
2. Captation #9 – “Sareköbe”
3. Strata Definition Test #10