Baby Food

Maja Wozencroft’s Variations on rice or millet porridge (for babies approx. 6-24 months)

Brown rice (round grain is best) – or millet. Both have no gluten so they’re easier to digest, absorb and tolerate than any other grain. Millet is perfect for infections of any kind – it’s a natural antibiotic. Both are very stabilising, building core energy and gently massaging body and brain – neither of them extreme in terms of energies they sustain and develop. Rice porridge reheats a bit easier as millet can get very jelly when cold. You’ll find your ways…

Grind rice or millet into a powder, initially very thin, later can be thicker. Mix with water or with milk diluted with water and boil, then simmer for at least 20 mins, often mixing. First ratio to experiment with: 1 bottle = 165 ml of milk mixed with 85 ml of water – or simply 250 ml of water (a glass) – mixed with 1-3 flat spoons of ground grains, depending on how thick you want it (1 – watery and easy to drink, 3 – really thick; I never went beyond 2).
It’s okay on its own, but once your baby grows and is ready for more adventures… The milky porridge is great with sweetish flavours for breakfast and supper, the watery one with more savoury, vegy stuff during the day.

Steam/boil locally grown fruit (apple all year around, berries during their season, pear in the summer; add a pinch of cinammon to energetically warm it up) or local veg (carrots, parsnips, pumpkin, broccoli, etc.) topped with few drops of good oil (oil, linseed, pumpkin, sesame).

Add the fruit/veg mash to the previously cooked porridge and mash in the mixer.
“I used to cook a big pot of porridge for approx. 6 bottles at a time every other evening, one bottle for immediate use and the rest to be kept in the fridge for the next 2 days (never in the freezer – it freezes the food’s – and thus body’s – energy), filling 3/4 of each bottle with porridge to leave some room for the fruit/veg mix. Sometimes I’d only add a freshly cooked & hot fruit/veg to a cold bottle (in the summer), at other times I’d gently reheat the porridge too (in the winter). Don’t microwave it (same baddie as the freezer) – just put the bottle into hot water or simply warm it up in a pot, like a soup.” [Magda Raczynska]

Kari Basile Hildarson Grisey’s Delicious Mashed Carrots


A few carrots, a drop of cold pressed organic oil


Steam the carrots.
Mash them with a potato masher or in a mixer.
Add the drop of oil.

To thin the mash, take a small amount of water from the steamer and add that…
Serve with a soft spoon.