Helen Scarsdale’s Pecan Pies : feeds 320 – 400

240 eggs
34 lbs brown sugar
27 lbs corn syrup
9 lbs of butter (melted)
1 cup of vanilla
6 oz salt
pecans (you will need plenty, probably around 12 lbs)

80 pie shells : 8″ rounds

apply just enough butter to an 80 gallon bowl and paddle to coat all the surfaces, lest the clean-up be incredibly difficult. mix the brown sugar and corn syrup within the bowl. it is suggested to measure out the brown sugar and corn syrup in four separate batches of 8lbs 8 oz sugar and 6 lbs 10oz syrup. when handling the corn syrup, it is strongly recommended to wet the hands before plunging them into the syrup. those who do not heed this recommendation will regret their decision. add the rest of the melted butter to the bowl, once the sugar, butter, and syrup come together, slowly add the eggs (look for shells during the pouring process). add vanilla and salt. pour into 80 pie shells. coat the surface with pecans. and bake at 325° for an hour. if a crust begins to form prematurely and the interior of the pie is still giggly, cover with parchment paper.

serves 320 – 400 depending on how many people it takes to eat one pie.

recipe adapted by jim haynes